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"I come from a proud  family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work with you and for you. Hennepin County needs strong leadership, not business as usual.  Lowering violent crimes is one of my top priorities. With nearly two decades in law enforcement and leadership experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated issues, and get things done."
Lower Violent Crime

I will work with other police agencies and the community to address and stop the uptick in violent crimes that has been plaguing our neighborhoods. 


I will increase Sheriff Department transparency and accountability and find alternatives to the use of force in  investigations involving law enforcement agencies in Hennepin County.

Community Relations

I will expand Community-Based programming and build relationships between law enforcement and community members. Only by connecting with our communities can we see encouraging growth in our department.


 I will commit to a culture of diversity and inclusion. I will serve for all the residence of Hennepin County while working with our diverse population on issues that matter most

Unified Law Enforcement

I will strive to better and more efficiently coordinate with local law enforcement agencies when tragedies like the murder of George Floyd occur. Improving interdepartmental communication and collaboration allows for more thorough investigations and leads to safer streets in our communities.


I Campaign will work to find better ways to serve, inform, and uplift undocumented immigrants across Hennepin County. Undocumented immigrants are an important part of our community, and are deserving of better service from law enforcement on their paths to citizenship

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